When Titi Aur won Sibiu Rally …

There were nine drivers who triumphed at Sibiu Rally since 2001. The multiple national rally champion Titi Aur, is the driver with the most victories at Sibiu Rally or Cibin Rally  as it was called in the early years just after 2000. The first victory came in 2002, with the Seat Cordoba WRC along with Silviu Moraru. One year later, with a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 and Adrian Berghea on the right seat, Titi Aur won again on the famous gravel specials. The last two victories have come, again with Adrian Berghea on his right and the Mitsubishi Lancer in 2005 and 2006.

You are the most recurrent winner of Sibiu Rally. Which of the four victories was the most important to you?
Titi Aur:
The one from 2003, when I attended with a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI , when some of the other colleagues and opponents had WRC  models, so we have shattered the myth that only the one who drives the best car can win.

The first success was in 2002 at Sibiu Rally Liqui Moly with a Seat Cordoba WRC . How was it to go trough the gravel stages with a World Rally Car?
Titi Aur:
It’s always a pleasure to race   with a WRC.

In 2005 and 2006 you won with a Mtsubishi Lancer. What are your best memories from that time?
Titi Aur:
During the 2005 and 2006 championships there was a battle between equal  Group N Cars (2004 was the last year with A8 in Romania). I managed to win most of the special stages in both seasons, Sibiu Rally still remains my favourite rally, because the strategy of combining  the speed with the protection of the competition material can make a big difference in the final standings.

What car did you like most for a competition at Sibiu Rally?
Titi Aur: 
For Sibiu Rally a group A car is a better solution because it has a higher resistance to the hardness of the route.

It was said that Sibiu Rally is the toughest gravel rally in the country and not only. On a scale of 1 to 10 how tough would you say it is?
Titi Aur:
I disagree with “and not only”. For example, in 2003 I came to Sibiu directly from Cyprus and Sibiu Rally seemed to me as a gravel highway. Indeed in Romania it is a rally where you cannot go to maximum attack everywhere, you must find / improvise in many places the ideal solution for speeding without breaking down your car. To be a good pilot doesn’t mean to speed all the way like crazy , you have to always find a way to go as fast as you can, under the route circumstances. We hear all the time “rally drivers” complaining that it was too much sand or too much snow on tarmac, or that there were too many potholes or stones on the gravel stages.

Which was your favourite Special Stage and why?
Titi Aur:
“Cheile Cibinului” for the alternance of speed zones with very spectacular turning areas, wide open areas which are very good for the spectators,  but mostly for its complex configuration.

The best memory of Sibiu Rally?
Titi Aur:
There were many good moments, but now I can’t remember one in particular.

The worst memory?
Titi Aur:
In 2001, when the left front steering knuckle of the Seat broke, and after nearly three quarters of the rally I was on the 1st  place, and my mechanics from the service park, Cornel and Radu had come up with a solution (improvisation) that could help me continue, but the Seat engineer didn’t give us the permission to do it and so, we had to abandon. A long time after this rally I still regretted my decision, and my mechanics scolded me for not listening to them, and making the improvisation. The next year, in the exact same conditions and the same service park the history repeated itself and  the “improvisation” unauthorized the year before, was a winning.

In 2014 you accepted the challenge again and you were back at Sibiu, on tarmac, in an attempt to conquer Transfăgărăşan on two wheels. How was it?
Titi Aur:
I was sure that I could climb Transfăgărăşan on two wheels, but instead of coming  with the car that I often “play” with by driving on two wheels, which sometimes lands on its ceiling and looks more like  a stunt’s car rather than a pilot’s car, I  gave it a try  with a “cleaner” car and more beautiful in appearance but older,  so when I faced the hill, it was hard to go up.  I managed to go through approximately 3 kilometers, but if I hadn’t had this problem I would have certainly covered a greater distance. Maybe another time…

Transfăgărăşan on tarmac or Şanta on gravel?
Titi Aur:
“Legends aren’t born on paved roads” … and you know that better than I do…

In 2015 Sibiu Rally will be completely on tarmac and will also have scheduled  a Special Stage on Transfăgărăşan. Do you think it will be as  spectacular as on gravel?
Titi Aur:
I think Sibiu team can do wonderful things, I also think Transfăgărăşanit is great for the view, but in my opinion it would be more interesting if you put gravel and not tarmac on Transfăgărăşan.

What will you do between 20  to 23rd of August 2015?
Titi Aur:
Last year my daughter’s wedding was on 23rd of August , we don’t know yet where they will choose to celebrate their first year of marriage, probably in Sibiu if my son-in-law Bogdan, will also be on the list of entries.

Sibiu Rally Challenge, a motorsport festival, is scheduled bewteen 20 – 23 of August and includes Sibiu Rally, the sixth round of the Dunlop National Rally Championship held under the aegis of the Romanian Federation of Motor Sport (FRAS). Sibiu Rally Challenge is an event co-financed by the Sibiu City Council and Sibiu City Hall and supported by Orange Romania.

See you between 1 to 11 October 2015 at SAB – international edition!

Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories event ai its thirteen edition, and  will take place between 1 to 11th of October 2015, on  an area of over 25.000 square metres at Romaero Baneasa.

22 years after its first edition, Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories is the reference event in Romanian automotive market, where the latest novelties and premieres in auto & accessories industry are  showcased, efforts quantified in the presence of 102 exhibiting companies and over 58.000 visitors at 2014 edition of the event.

Also, 2014 represented the renew of the traditional partnership between Automotive Manufacturers & Importers Association ( APIA) and Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories.

Our goal for this year’s edition is to increase the  number of exhibiting companies from abroad, in order to diversify the offer  showcased during the 11 days of the event.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
>by phone/fax +40212314156, +40212303818
>by e-mail:,

Project coordinators:
Radacineanu Sorin (+40724204000),  Albert Kiss (+40722579877),
Oana Iliescu (+40723672732), Silvia Pavel (+40726583364)

Sibiu Rally Challenge is the first partner in the “Stick to #valiporcisteanu” campaign

  • The Organizers of Sibiu Rally have been supporting the participation of national Champion Vali Porcisteanu at the National Rally Championship ever since 2011.
  • The Logo of Sibiu Rally Challenge will be on the car of the most popular romanian rally driver.
  • Vali Porcișteanu will take part at the Start of Sibiu Rally between 20 – 23rd of August 2015.

Vali Porcișteanu, the national champion since 2011, launched the “Stick to #valiporcisteanu” campaign in order to raise funds for the budget needed for taking part this season in the National Rally Championship. Sibiu Rally Challenge is the first partner to support this champaign.
Sibiu Rally Challenge, the motor sports festival which also includes in 2015, the 6th stage of the National Rally Chanpionship, Sibiu Rally, is the first partner in the “Stick to #valiporcisteanu” campaign . The organizers of Sibiu Rally decided to promote the 2015 edition of Sibiu Rally on the car of the 2011’s champion and also to support the most popular romanian rally driver in his attempt to reach the budget for this season. Vali Porcișteanu took part at the 2014 edition of Sibiu Rally Chalenge, where he won the „BEST SHOW”- special prize, for his performance at the special stage on the famous Transfăgărășan. Vali Porcișteanu has a lot of fans.

“Our aim is to gather up as many spectators in Sibiu and also on Transfăgărășan and we believe that Vali, by taking part on the special stages of Sibiu Rally Challenge , will help us achieve this goal. Vali Porcișteanu is one of the best romanian rally drivers of the last years therefore he deserves all the support in his project”, said Sorin Itu, the organizer of Sibiu Rally Challenge. In order to make it easier for all the supporters of #125 crew, for the season of 2015, the car has been divided into square advertising spaces for endless possibilities of customization for the partners dedicated packages. All the details regarding the campaign are available on the official site of the 2011 champion :

„I am very happy that „Sibiu Rally” broke the ice and started the support for our crew’s comeback on the special stages of the competition. I really miss all the feelings of excitement experienced on the special stages, when the fight is over seconds or even tenths of a second.
Although lately I took part in different stages or events more as a „show man”, I want to be thrown back into the fight with seconds , in order to achieve a top performance, like I did a few years ago. Therefore “Stick to #valiporcisteanu” campaign has started , …and not just anywhere, it started in Sibiu, which is a very special place for me , it’s the place where I put on my record the famous Colin McRae Flat Out Trophy, during the European Rally Championship. I am looking forward to come back on stage in Sibiu, besides that, I want to offer the audience a unique show, the show they are eagerly waiting for. I want to thank the organizers from Sibiu, and everyone else who already expressed their intention of „sticking” with me in the season of 2015”, said Vali Porcișteanu, who will attend this year’s edition of Sibiu Rally.

Sibiu Rally Challenge, a motorsport festival, is scheduled bewteen 20 – 23 of August and includes Sibiu Rally, the sixth round of the Dunlop National Rally Championship held under the aegis of the Romanian Federation of Motor Sport (FRAS). Sibiu Rally Challenge is an event co-financed by the Sibiu City Council and Sibiu City Hall and supported by Orange Romania.

Transfagarasanul will be converted into circuit for Sibiu Rally Challenge 2015

  • The work started on the 1st of April
  • The circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke
  • Sibiu Rally is the first event which will run on the new circuit

Sibiu Rally Challenge, a motorsport dedicated festival, scheduled between 20 to 23rd of August, is a world premiere that will take place on the Transfăgărășan circuit.

The circuit will be included as a special stage in Sibiu Rally, the sixth round of the National Rally Championship, and it will be covered four times. In addition here will take place drifting demonstrations, karting and all the ohter events scheduled during the festival.

The most famous road from Romania will be totaly transformed to give the fans an unique show. Hermann Tilke, german architect, designer of the new circuits in the Formula 1 World Champoinship, but also designer of the streed circuit around People’s Palace, deals with this unique project. “I have built circuites in all kind of places, in swamp, in the desert, but never in the mountains. That is the reason why I accepted this unique challange. It is a fabulous area that will atract many racing enthusiasts. I am sure that it will become more popular even than than famous Nurburgring”, said Hermann Tilke.

The Transfăgărășan Circuit will comply with all the safety rules imposed by FIA and can accommodate any type of motorsport competition.

The changes started on the 1st of April and the main challenge is the snow removal on the side where will be built the portion joining Waterfall Bâlea and Lake Bâlea. “It is a fine decision. Now we have to get working , so the road is ready until August. But no stress also, we have time for everithing, we just need the snow to go away. We will do everything slow and as we know best” said one of the employees from the Construnction Company in Sibiu.

According to some cabaniers from that area, in this period of time at the Ice Hotel from Lake Bâlea would be staying some Bernie Ecclestone, and official sources confirmed that he came to the area to see if there is any possibility to organise a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

“This year is the first time when Sibiu Rally takes place on asphalt and we’ve been thinking to introduce something new. That is why The Transfăgărășan Circuit will be the highlight of the motor sports dedicated festival. I am sure that we will manage to finish everything on time and that in August 2115 the rally drivers will give a total show at Sibiu Rally. Some people are aleady talking about Formula 1, but all things have their time”, added Sorin Itu, Sibiu Rally Challange organiser.