Dacia Cup 2015 – With two rounds before the final, the battle for the Dacia Cup podium is re-launched

  • Viorel Ivan gains his second victory in Dacia Cup 2015
  • Norbert Major wins the beginners dispute
  • Two rounds before the end of the season, the fight for the final podium remains open

Round 6 of Dacia Cup 2015 ended with another victory for the crew Viorel Ivan / Dumitru Gheorghe, which returned to competition after an absence of two rounds. This is the second success of the season after Delta Rally for the most experienced crew in Dacia Cup, the couple Ivan / Gheorghe being present from the first season of this single brand competition, which started nine years ago.

Sibiu Rally Challenge, which inherits the former Sibiu Rally competition, offered the six teams which entered in Dacia Cup an 100% asphalt route. In addition, for most crews, six of the eight special stages of the rally were seen for the first time. Also, of the entire rally, only the special stages from the first day, which were held after dark on the way to Păltiniș, were an official part of this round in the past competitions. The route chosen by the organisers for 2015 proposed two special stages on Transfăgărăşan, between Balea Waterfall and Balea Lake (10 km each) – a sector that was to be traveled four times, twice hillclimb and twice downhill – and also the very technical and fast stage called „Baraj”. Thus, besides the navigation issues (writing the pace notes etc.) inherent to any new route, competitors in Dacia Cup which enrolled in Sibiu Rally Challenge also had to tackle difficult weather conditions, fog and rain, especially on the downhill stages.

In these conditions the crew Viorel Ivan / Dumitru Gheorghe had the best evolution, managing to win six out of the eight special stages. Ivan, certainly the most experienced pilot of Dacia Cup, managed to exploit the potential of his Dacia Logan and DMACK slick tires – distancing themselves from other competitor, especially in the downhill stages. This new victory brings Ivan into a challenger position to the Dacia Cup title, with two rounds remaining in the current season. His victory was also facilitated by the defensive approach of the crew Bogdan Talasman / Andrei Mitrasca who, having a substantial advance in the top hierarchy, pushed only on a few stages, their goal being a place on the podium. The pair finally managed a third place after a tight duel with Adrian Dragan / Vali Brădăţeanu, crew who finished fourth, the points they gained propelling them to the podium area, a short distance from Ivan.

“Junior” Norbert Maior had a surprisingly good and mature evolution who, along co-driver Alina Pop, succeeds a smooth rally without problems, finishing with a second place in the overall ranking and first place in Beginners.


Thus Norbert Maior chose an extremely important option for gaining his career’s first title. The only question remains the presence on the last two gravel stages of the season of crew Gabriel Ene / Ciprian Solomon, who also gained points in this category, this season.

In the Beginners standings the crew Andrei Mitre / Mihai Capet also had a promising development, finishing another good rally and gaining important points.

Crew Adrian Teslovan / Imre Cseh had a less successful rally, receiving a penalty of over 1 minute at the end of the first day because of the delay in one of the checkpoints zones, due to a small incident. Finally, the crew won the fifth position.
DMACK Trophy, awarded by the DMACK tires supplier – Colina Motor Sport – to the fastest pilot in the crew, was won by crew Viorel Ivan / Dumitru Gheorghe who have won 6 of the 8 special stages of the rally.


Now, after six rounds, crew Bogdan Talasman / Andrei Mitrasca remain the leaders of Dacia Cup, with only one victory obtained in Brasov. Viorel Ivan / Dumitru Gheorghe come back very determined, climbing to the second step of the podium after the victory in Sibiu, the third place going to Adrian Dragan / Vali Brădăţeanu. The points difference between the top two places, almost 30 points, makes it hard to believe that it could be changed, still the fight for the second place remains open. Ivan is separated by Drăgan by only 1.5 points. Of course, the good evolution suggests that Norbert Maior is also a good candidate for the podium, expecting however that in the last two rounds the crews which were absent at Sibiu will return in the battle: Adrian Teslovan / Imre Cseh, Vlad Miculici / Rares Fetean and Peter Kelemen / Gyula Molnar.

Next round, Cotnari Iasi Rally (10-12 September), proposes a 100% gravel route, perhaps the most spectacular and fastest in the calendar, with almost 150km of special stages and three days of competition. Moreover, Cotnari Iasi Rally has a 1,2 coefficient to which the points gained are multiplied in the end.

Dacia Cup 2015 has as main partner UNIOR and relies on the support of its technical partners: DMACK tires – importer COLINA Motorsport, Oreca – security equipment supplier.
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Photo Credit: Sorin Pop

* Dacia Cup 2015 Standings after 6 rounds:

* Dacia Cup 2015 Standings after 6 rounds:
1. B. Talasman/A.Mitrașcă 108
2. V. Ivan/G. Dumitru 78,6
3. A. Drăgan/V. Brădățeanu 77,6
4. V. Miculici/ R. Fețean 76,6
5. P. Kelemen/G. Molnar 71
6. A. Teslovan/I. Cseh 65,4
7. N. Maior/A. Pop 55,4 (Loc 1 Debutanți)
8. A. Mitre/M. Căpeț 50,4
9. G. Ene/C.Solomon 50
10. A. Mirea/D. Despinoiu 29

* 4p bonus for participating.